Fixed camping / Seasonal pitch in Haderslev near Kolding

Do you love going camping, and therefore need a seasonal pitch? We offer permanent camping at our campsite in Haderslev near Kolding and Aabenraa. You have the option of buying seasonal pitches, spring pitches, autumn pitches and winter pitches. In addition, of course, we also offer year-round places. 


Season pitch 01.04-24.09: NOK 9,900

Spring place 01.04-24.06: NOK 4800

Autumn place 13.08-24.09: NOK 1600

Before and after season: NOK 5,800

Winter site 24.09.23-01.04.24: NOK 3,000

Year-round place: NOK 11,900

Electricity per KwH: Variable

Permanent/Season place prices include a household consisting of 2 adults and children under 18 living at home.
The above prices are valid for 2023. We reserve the right to price and tax changes.

Season pitch information

Seasonal pitches or permanent pitches near Haderslev/Vojens and a short distance to Åbenrå and Kolding. It is approximately 1 hour's drive to the border.

At Halk Strand Camping we have several types of seasonal pitches to choose from. We offer spring places from April to the end of June, seasonal places from April to September and year-round seasonal places and, of course, also fixed places in the winter.

We have great demand for year-round places, but we always have a few available. Our pitches are between 100 and 130 m2. Year-round pitches, apart from a few, do not have sea views. There is between 20 and 150m to the facility buildings.

Fixed pitches from April to September are between 100 and 120m2. We have available places with a sea view. There is between 10 and 120m to the facility buildings.

Spring places are always available. Most are 100m2, but some are slightly larger and there is also the option of a sea view. There is between 10 and 100m to the bathroom/toilet/kitchen.

If you have a seasonal place with us, children and dogs living at home are included in the price, while electricity is settled according to actual consumption. 

Season seats can only be booked in person.

Book a seasonal pitch / secure camping today

Are you interested in hearing more, or do you want to book a seasonal place or place for permanent camping? You can contact us by phone or send an email. You can also stop by the campsite and we will find a good place for you.