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Haderslev Cathedral

One of the oldest buildings of Haderslev. In this cathedral Luther’s words were heard for the first time in the kingdom in the year 1525.

The church is a unique monument over gothic cathedral art in Denmark. The windows are some of the tallest in Scandinavia.

The main organ is one of the largest in the country, but only one of 3 in the church, of which the most famous is the historical Sieseby organ. During summer an organ concert is held every Friday and frequently there will be evening concerts too.

The church have some artifacts designed by the reigning queen Margrethe II.

And worth a mention is also a fine old painting, the only remains of a magnificent altar board from 1641.

And last but not least the church is the memorial chapel for Slesvigske Foot Regiment. That means that there is a march to the church every Friday with musicians from the regiment with the purpose of turning a page in the memorial book of the fallen.

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